Work Day Help from Prep School

side 2Here are a few pictures of a group of Juniors in High School from Marianapolis Preparatory School in Thompson, CT. They came to the West Hartford Program Site at the St. Thomas Seminary to help with gardening and landscaping for the upcoming Summer season.

It was an awesome feeling to see so many kids willing to help with getting the job accomplished! They did a wonderful job and has helped with bringing out program site to life!

I build relationships with a couple of the kids in the group when I took them on a tour of our building. I had asked them what they thought of the space and if they had access to it, what would they have in it if they were a local teen in our community areas? It was great to hear the various number of ideas and thoughts that I can bring for the communities we serve hear at the West Hartford YMCA.

front of building side 1


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