What’s That Racket?!

I’m currently sitting at my desk, feverishly trying to finish several tasks.  About 20 minutes ago, I hear what can only be described as a racket.  It sounded as though the whole of our membership had suddenly decided to converge on our small administrative office area.  I poked my head around my cubicle wall to find a small crowd of LIVESTRONG participants setting up chairs and clearly preparing for a meeting.  What struck me was the quantity of people – there were perhaps only eight or nine; far from the masses I had expected.  As I worked, I caught snippets of conversation, laughter, cheering, and applause.  I stopped to listen to the goings on, and was astonished at what I heard.  Camaraderie, encouragement, celebration, joy…these are cancer patients?!  The group was so full of positive energy that I actually felt a difference in myself simply for having been near them. 

How much we can learn from the warriors in our LIVESTRONG program, and how proud and pleased I am to be part of an organization that can provide an environment in which to foster those types of feelings for them.

Erica Donovan

Wheeler Regional YMCA

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