What is YOUR name???

There is power in a name.  Just think, ever since you were born people have been using it to name and define you.    It is so powerful that your brain can hear it being called across a crowded room.   

Last Tuesday we had “Name Tag” day here at Downtown.  It began with teasers up the stairs and down the halls leading towards the Y- signs that read: “That girl who always takes Tim’s classes,” “The guy in the red shirt, ” and  “The lady in the cool sneakers.”  On our front doors we posted a sign that said “What is your name?”

As each member scanned in, they were instructed to use a sharpie and write their name on a name tag and wear it through their workout.  Everyone did it! Members wore them on all different places and some wrote comical names, but everyone participated willingly and had fun at that!

There was a different buzz and vibe in the air; it was refreshing!!! Members were telling the wellness and welcome desk staff that they had always wondered what so and so’s name was and how great it was that they now knew.  Many mentioned how it was easier to start-up a conversation with someone who they have seen everyday for years but had never directly spoken to before!

All because of a name tag! 


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