What did you do this afternoon?

We’re at zero hour for camp this afternoon- everyone is getting ready to blow out Monday morning, and you can practically hear the hum of activity around our Association.

By a miracle of good luck and amazing staffing, I’m sitting at my desk this afternoon taking care of some last-minute- but not urgent- things. Including hiring a couple of extra staff to support our growing camp enrollment.

I started sending paperwork to our amazing Human Resources Specialist, Hope Cote, just before 3:00 this afternoon- offer letter requests and the backup for three staff. As usual, I needed to re-send a couple of things (they’re very nice to me, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve been voted “Most Likely to Miss Something” by our HR department!) 

It’s 4:00 now, and I have 3 offer letters for 3 new staff.  I can give them the great news this afternoon that we’d like to welcome them to our team, and I can get them on board and oriented to our camp program in plenty of time for our big mid-summer weeks of camp.

I just finished up the paperwork for our returning/year-round camp staff- because our payroll guru Joyce Sypher answered a million phone calls (I ask A LOT  of questions!) and sent plenty of emails to help our branch through the 2012 camp staff hiring process.  Those returning/year-round staff found this year’s process simple and straightforward, and are home relaxing right now, ready for our big first day.   

I’m not sure how they do it, and without our HR department working so hard behind the scenes, we wouldn’t be able to do the fun stuff at camp all summer.  I’m feeling pretty appreciative right now!

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