We Make A Difference….

As yesterday was Thanksgiving, many of us have been sharing what we are thankful for with loved ones, colleagues and friends…..

I received an email on Wednesday evening from a member that really touched me that I would like to share. I only share this because this is how all of us make a difference every day in the lives of the members we serve.

When I first started my running group months back, I had a very mixed group in terms of ability.  One of the women who joined my group found running very challenging and was quite intimidated by the thought of running with a group. So, I invited her to join me on a morning when I was not coaching the group, to do some things with just her. We started lifting some weights and just  running at the park together and she was beginning to make progress.

Two months ago I received an email from her to say that tragically, her daughter’s husband was killed in a car accident, and that she has had to stay with her daughter to help her through this incredibly difficult time. She told me that she wouldn’t be able to work out with me for a while.

I heard from her one other time over the past two months to just confirm to me that she still wasn’t able to come back to run with me, her daughter still needed her help. Then, just this past Tuesday I sent out an email to my team of women wishing them a happy Thanksgiving, and she responded.

She apologized for not having been able to run with me over the past months and that she just couldn’t seem to get herself motivated to start again. She said she was going to try to come back this coming week if I was willing to run with her again. Then, she went on to say  that she wanted me to know that one of the things that she is most thankful for this year was having met me. She thanked me for all I had done to help her.

That email meant the world to me. For her to have taken the time when her life is obviously very stressful, showed me that we really do have impact on the lives of our members. It showed me that the little extra things we do sometimes really do make a difference to people.

Sue- Downtown


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