Tri Club Teamwork

Racing season is among us and so many of the Wheeler YMCA Tri Club members have a goal this summer whether it is to finish their first outdoor Sprint Triathlon, Olympic Triathlon, Half IRONMAN, IRONMAN, increase their speed on the bike or to run faster.

A group of 8 women set a goal this summer and that is to complete their very first Half IRONMAN (Timberman 70.3) in New Hampshire on August 18th. Their road to Timberman has been tough, interesting, stressful, relaxing, unprepared, bumpy, frustrating, scary, mind-blowing, exciting, exhilarating and worth everything they have put themselves through thus far.

The Rev3 Olympic Triathlon on June 2nd was their first big test. A grueling course with serious elevation, these women finished strong, finished with a smile, finished proud and finished realizing they have some work to do.


Test #2 was the Litchfield Hills Olympic Triathlon on Sunday July 14th. Some showed up unprepared and under-trained while others felt like it was going to be a walk in the park. The Wheeler YMCA Tri Club was well represented on Sunday with 20 racers; 14 individual and 6 participating on a two relay teams. But those 8 ladies were there preparing themselves for what has yet to come. Their goal of crossing the finish line at the Timberman Half IM.


Facebook was lit up like a Christmas tree Sunday afternoon with photos from the race, congratulatory comments, words of wisdom and encouragement, thank you’s and a re-cap of one racers day that I would like to share with you.

“I know most of you are expecting my “tidbits”…..but I wanted to share some thoughts of mine….when I started doing triathlons I didn’t know exactly what I was diving into..When I walked into the Litchfield Hills Olympic I was greeted by many friends…usually I have my partner in crime with me all the way side by side…but this time I was going at it alone…I had to wrestle with my thoughts…there were moments I just wanted to stop…why bother with the run anyway…but a friend was there…she told me go, you go, your run is your best, do it…I walked out being asked are you still running?..yeah I am…RUNNER COMING THROUGH they screamed…yet I ate a banana I walked…finally I ran…could only hear the squish of the water that’s been in my shoes for the past 3+ hours…and my thoughts…I head up to the road and there’s this bunch of crazy awesome people…my friends cheering…then again, I was alone…squish, squash, squish…I sang…had a full on conversation with an imaginary person…two friends were still behind me…I stopped at a water station no one there, but 3 glasses of Gatorade…I drank one picked and put a flower on the table in between the two left for my friends…and moved on…squish, squash, squish…maybe I’ll get trench foot disease…my toes felt like they were on fire…suddenly I see a biker…it’s a tri club member…and then another…they rode back out to help the last 3 of us through…I’m rounding the finish…EVERYONE left except for my tri friends…4+ hours they stayed just to see us through…the cheers…people commented how unusually calm I was…I think this time my friends…the experience just truly humbled me.”

And that is what it is all about!

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