Think Strong. LIVESTRONG.

Inspirational words from our Survivors!

H ope

O ppurtunity

P erseverance

E nthusiasm

“Dream like you will live forever and live like you’ll die tomorrow.”

“Live life. Live happy. Live strong.”

“Live, love, and stay strong!”

The Downtown LIVESTRONG at the YMCA has a brainstorming session where we break into small groups and try to develop the group motto for the current session.  We do this as one of the mind, body, and spirit portions of class.  I like to do this activity a few weeks in when we have become a true family.  Above are examples of what we brain stormed as the FALL 2012  LIVESTRONG at the YMCA motto!  These quotes are inspirational, motivational, and all around moving.  And the winner is…..



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