There’s Nothing Like a Thank-You Note

In the daily chaos of keeping a Y running smoothly, it’s easy to overlook the outstanding effort that actually goes into making that happen.  We’re all guilty of it – it seems to be easier to find something that can be fixed than to comment on the things that are going well.  Fortunately for us at Wheeler, one of our members took the time to do just that:

I just wanted to drop a note of deep appreciation and praise, to all of the staff who work so very hard to keep this facility clean, and in such pristine working order.   You see I travel throughout this country and have visited a number of Y’s from the east to the west coast.   I want the maintenance staff to know this:  in my book you have so much to be proud of in the standard of cleanliness and the quality of operations that you maintain here in Plainville:  If things do break, they are always repaired in a timely manner;  no matter what time I arrive I never fail to see one of the staff cleaning, scrubbing the floors, or mopping the shower areas out; the bathrooms are always clean, sanitized and inviting.

Too often the maintenance staff and those who handle the superintendent responsibilities go quite unnoticed in many fitness centers.   They silently do their jobs, rarely complain and sometimes seem to just disappear into the overall structure.

Oftentimes it’s just such jobs that allow an organization to operate smoothly.   The guys and gals who are often overlooked, need a bravo and an applause from the membership who benefit from their quiet work for a job well done!

This is my little thank you to the entire maintenance staff and superintendents who make my stay both possible and so enjoyable.

Chuck Haddad

We’re so proud to have such an outstanding Housekeeping and Maintenance team here at Wheeler – clearly, their dedication to our facility shows, and helps to keep our members very, very happy!

Erica Donovan
Wheeler Regional Family YMCA

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