The Winning Lotto ticket….

Laura Bridge is a Y member… in OHIO!  Recently Laura visited the Indian Valley Family YMCA as an AWAY member. Today, the IVFY staff team received this note card from Laura …

We sent Laura a thank you email for her thank you card!  We told her how this note was passed around like the winning lotto ticket because there was so much excitement about the praise! 

The staff work so hard to make connections and lasting relationships and it really shows in so many ways– it’s just so nice to have someone take the time and care to share how much their efforts meant to them!

2 thoughts on “The Winning Lotto ticket….

  1. I just visited the IVFY for the first time this week, and in my one quick visit I saw what Laura is talking about! Everyone seemed so happy to be there, and to really care about members!

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