The Sweetest Sound…

This metal board will be up around the Y in the next few weeks… Stay tuned for new photos and new names….

A few weeks ago a new member casually asked me about when she could use the pool. After introducing myself and answering her question, she continued to asked several questions about the Y. I knew at that point that an orientation tour would be helpful.  On that tour, I introduced her to 3 other staff and 1 member who was getting ready to get in the pool with the Live Strong group. We spent 15 minutes together and I could tell that she felt more comfortable.

When I saw this member entering the locker room a week later, I said, “Hi, Mary Beth.” and she replied, “Wow- you remember my name?”  
“That’s impressive,” she added.  I felt good that she felt good and special.

Now when we see each other, we talk and every time Mary Beth makes a point to call me by name. (Even when I am heading out the door without my name tag on.)  By calling me by name I know that she’s taken the time to remember me. 

This weekend at our monthly staff meeting I am offering a challenge to my Welcome center & Amazing Kids/Child Watch staff.  I am going be watching and listening more than ever and….measuring their name usage!

Y staff are good at connecting and using names, but I want to share their specfic successes.  I am going to encourage them to work on the art of using and retaining names. Dale Carnegie wrote that using someone’s name is the sweetest sound someone can hear. Hopefully the staff will realize that by providing that sweet sound, our members will know we care and in the process, they will make new friends!


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