The Road to Recovery

My name is Janine Conti and I am a Certified Health Coach and Independent Team Beachbody Coach. I want to share with you my journey of how I began living a healthy lifestyle.
Two years ago, I was unhappy with my career and I needed a change. I was a teacher and I loved the aspect of helping children learn, but I also had a passion for wanting to help people live vital and healthy lives. At work and in my day to day encounters with people, we would often talk about healthy life choices, healthy eating and ways to exercise. I realized how much I loved sharing my fitness and nutrition tips with friends and so I decided to go back to school and become a Health Coach. I also continued my journey of living a very healthy lifestyle. I began incorporating whole foods in my daily diet and exercising regularly. I was feeling great and beginning to find a balanced healthy lifestyle that I was enjoying.
Then in April of 2013, I was diagnosed with Cancer. It was like getting punched in the stomach really hard! I couldn’t believe that I had cancer… I thought I ate well and exercised enough. I quickly realized how off-balanced my life had been for so many years and this imbalance and stress led to cancer developing in my body.
Just like most people who receive this devastating news, I panicked. I thought immediately of my 3 amazing boys who were going to go through life without their mother. This attitude didn’t sit well with me and after 3 days of feeling at my lowest, I decided to get up and change my outcome. I worked on getting second opinions and then I went with my intuition. I went down a road of finding balance in my treatments as well as in my healing and recovery.
My goal was to rid my body of cancer and so I received radiation, chemotherapy and I also had surgery. In addition to the traditional treatments, I received Reiki, Spiritual healing, bio-identical hormone therapies, and energy and visualization sessions. I also developed a practice of daily journal writing, expressing gratitude, surrounding myself with positive energy, developed my relationships with family and friends, exercised daily, and developed a strong appreciation for our natural world. I saw my future in a very different light. I saw joy and love…. peace and contentment. I also saw health and strength. These visions brought me out of a very dark place and now I am thriving.
After my surgery in September, I developed a very bad infection and was hospitalized for over 20 days. My body had been assaulted from the treatments, surgery and infection and I was at my weakest point physically. My immune system was compromised and I had been placed on very high doses of antibiotics for over a month. My recovery from this was slow. It was here that I learned of a program called Livestrong. It was for cancer survivors. I could barely walk at the time that I joined. We met 2 days a week for 12 weeks and they worked on developing my physical strength and provided group support as well. I had 2 goals when I went into the program. I wanted to get physically stronger so I could ski with my family this winter and the second goal was I wanted to start health coaching again so I could share my experiences, my road to recovery, and what it means to live a fit, active, and vital life.
So here I am today. It’s January of 2014 and I graduated from Livestrong, I skied 10 runs in a row the other day with my family and I have started helping people meet their fitness and health goals once again. If it wasn’t for Livestrong, I don’t think I would be where I am today. It was the inspiration and motivation I needed to begin living again.
Most importantly, I am living a healthy, vital and balanced life. Each day I balance my time between 5 areas. I exercise every day in my Challenge groups, develop my spirituality through appreciation of the beauty in our world and expressing gratitude, help other people live a fit and healthy life (my career), develop my relationships with friends and family and I eat whole foods along with drinking a dense-nutrient superfood shake that builds my cells, tissues, muscles, organs as well as detoxifies my body.
So join me on my journey of living a balanced healthy life. I can’t wait to help you succeed with your challenges and help you develop a balanced, fit and healthy life.

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