The horses are running at the Glastonbury Family YMCA!

All eyes have been glued to the horse race track for the past few months at the Glastonbury Family YMCA Child Care Sites. In February the children named their race horse and fearless jockey (Site Director) who proudly represent their site in the 2012 SKC Sites Derby. The Derby consists of a series of challenges to raise money for the Strong Kids Campaign while teaching the children lessons in philanthropy and giving back to the community. The Sites earn points based upon their finishing position in each challenge with the overall champion to be named in May. So far the challenges have included Restaurant Give Back Nights, Personal ASKS, and Coins for a Cause. The results were posted last week for the conclusion of the five week Coins for A Cause challenge. Kindergarten’s Rainbow #5 with Batwoman at the reins crossed the finish line first followed closely by Buttonball’s Marie Poppins riding Spoonful of Sugar #13.  For this challenge, each site came up with FUN-raising ideas such as a pie in the face for the staff with the most money donated to their jar, or held bake sales and recycled cans and bottles. Through the collective efforts of the sites, $1348  was raised through Coins for A Cause. With two challenges still remaining, our child care sites have contributed over $6480 through the 2012 SKC Sites Derby making us all big horse racing fans! Giddy-up… see you at the track!

One thought on “The horses are running at the Glastonbury Family YMCA!

  1. That is so cool!
    congratulations Kindergarten’s Rainbow # 5 with Batwoman and all partiicipants. As you stated so well – fun and educational all in one activity!

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