The gift of swimming….mission in action

For those of us who were fortunate enough to have been given the gift of swimming as a child, we know how thankful we are in our adult lives for having been given that opportunity.

I grew up on a pond in Massachusetts and spent my summers swimming with friends and eventually started life guarding for the State during my high school and college years. I am so thankful for the gift of swimming…. Only as I have grown older and met so many people who don’t know how to swim that I realize how lucky I was to have been given that gift. It has allowed me to take part in events such as triathlons, kept me fit when I could not run due to injury and just given me a lot of pleasure.

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to meet someone else who also recognizes the importance of learning to swim is and wanted to share that gift with two lovely little girls. Their mother actually works for this woman as her cleaner and had shared with her that her daughters really wanted to learn to swim so that they could make their school swim team.  One of the daughters had tried out for the team and hadn’t made it because her swimming skills were too weak. The girls mother could not afford to send them for swimming lessons to help them improve their swimming skills enough to make the team.

Upon hearing this the woman who called me decided that she would like to give these girls the gift of swimming. She contacted me and asked if there was any opportunity for these girls to get a scholarship for swimming lessons at The Learning Corridor through the GHYMCA. Fortunately, because of funds raised through our Annual Appeal, we were able to offer them a scholarship for a session of swimming lessons for each girl. She was so appreciative, as were the girls and their mother.

After the session ended, the woman then decided to continue supporting the girls herself by paying for the lessons and membership for the girls. Yesterday their mother came into the Y and made a point of introducing herself to me and thanking me for making it possible for her daughters to learn to swim. She said how much they love swimming and that without the Y and the scholarship and financial help we had given them, they would not have learned to swim.

We  are so fortunate every day to be able to help people in this way…this is what our Annual Appeal helps to support…real people like this, who want the best for their children. I love moments like this, when you really do see the mission in action.

I have not used names in this blog to preserve the privacy of those mentioned.



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