Team Work Is What We Do Best

This week has been….how should I put it…a bit trying…..

We have an issue with our dryers this week…basically…they have not been working. Now, anyone who knows how things work here at Downtown knows that our members expect towels when they come to workout. In fact, many of them expect multiple towels. This makes for a very difficult situation when you have no dryers that work. So what do we do?????….Well, if you’re a Downtown staff member you pull out your “sparkle” and you make it work!!!! Which is exactly what we have done!!

The leadership that Kristi has shown and the team spirit exhibited by all members of staff has been remarkable. From Kristi, jumping in and teaching LiveStrong and group exercise classes, to Kirk, Mary, Wes and Karen going back and forth feeding quarters into the dryers at the Hilton Hotel to keep our members happy with warm dry towels. Sue has also provided entertainment and moral boosting  to the troops by bringing towels home to dry and bringing them back with personal items of her own laundry stuck to the towels 🙂

Everyone took a crazy week and roared back at it with humor and teamwork. Our smiles and laughter got us through the week and kept our members happy in the process.

Great job team!! We’ve got this!!!!!

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