Surrounded by Cows!

The Indian Valley YMCA is located in Ellington, which is a growing town surrounded by farms…..dairy farms to be precise.  It is for that reason that we chose “IVY the Cow” to be our mascot for this year’s Strong Kids Campaign.  We have a large wooden cutout of IVY the cow climbing the wall on over a large “cow spotted” thermometer.  IVY has a quote bubble proclaiming our current raised to date.  We have the staff wearing cow spotted “ask me why” t-shirts….we have cow cutouts with the names of donors lining our hallway.

All of this has certainly attracted the attention of our members….including our youngest members who run up to the cow each day to show mommy or daddy.

Most importantly, along the thermometer, we have posted Impact Stories.  I can hear from my office kids saying “what does that say daddy?”….and daddy summarizes the story of how the YMCA has impacted a family.  I never saw this coming….what an amazing way to teach kids about donating, helping those in need, and how a cow can help!




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