Summer weather & camp is coming!

Maybe it’s the cold weather, height of the snow or freezing winds that are making my thoughts drift to summer all too frequently! Today, as I was bundled up making my way into the Y, I was counting the days until Spring (26 in case you were wondering).

Spring brings to mind clean up days at Camp Chase, planning what fun trips Camp Farmington Valley will be taking and hiring summer camp counselors. I love it all. Knowing our plan for camp this year, I wanted to do a “gut-check” to make sure it was in alignment with what parents & kids are wanting. So I went back to our SEER Analytics survey that was sent to last summers camper families. Not only was it a good reminder of what we need to do REALLY well this summer (parent communication) but it told the stories of impact that makes Camp SO important in the life of a child.

Here are some of the parent comments that I wanted to share:

“I appreciate the campers being given the opportunity to think outside of the box and encouraged by individuals who are excited and enthusiastic in their daily interactions. Their enthusiasm and encouragement reinforces what we practice in our household and allows him to know he can do and succeed in anything he puts his mind to. In turn, he also encourages his peers and is equally as helpful in his interactions with others.”

“Both of my girls clearly have changed since going to camp. They even asked us to skip the programmed vacation to go to camp. They improved their swimming and they looked so healthy. Camp was an amazing discovery this year for my family.”

“All three of my children attended Camp Chase this year. My oldest, a special education student, attended with support from our local school district. He feels most at home at Camp Chase. He is able to achieve social & communication success at Camp Chase in ways that he does not anywhere else. The counselors foster an atmosphere of fun and respect that benefits all children, regardless of their needs. All 3 kids cannot wait to attend Camp Chase next year!”

“My child is very reserved, shy and reluctant to try new things. By the end of the first week of camp, he was a new person. Confident, more outgoing, and eager to get on the bus every day. We have seen his confidence soar as he starts a new year of school with a lot of unfamiliar faces, he is embracing it. We have seen a real change in him and are so pleased! Oh, and the fact that he learned to swim and has the confidence to swim in the deep end alone is a huge bonus too!”

So adios Winter! I’m ready for summer…and Camp…Bring it on!

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