So…what exactly does a Wellness Director do?

So…what exactly does a Wellness Director do?

I love the times I’m at social events, and people outside the Y ask me what I do for a living. I tell them I work at the Y and I am a Wellness Director. Almost every time, they say “cool…what’s that?” Typically I list a few of my responsibilities, brag about our LIVESTRONG program a little and tell them how much I love my job. What I don’t always tell them are the REALLY cool parts of my job.

I really want to say “What DON’T I do?” A typical day is…never the same! Here is an example of my day today:

• Had a meeting with one of my staff
• Met with our Wellness Cabinet while sitting on picnic benches eating fresh peas from the community garden
• Had my 80 year old client doing pushups and balancing on 1 leg
• Watched our awesome new camp director Shane put on a show for the campers
• Played video games with a 7 year old kid so one of the teen center staff could help supervise the locker room for camp
• Met with a cancer survivor
• Led our LIVESTRONG group, and convinced 5 of them to climb the rock wall!

NO day is ever the same, and most days I will leave work shaking my head saying “only at the Y…” That is part of what I LOVE about my job!

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