So thankful for our volunteer coaches.

Last Friday marked the start of our 2014 Basketball League. After months of mayhem; finalizing rosters, recruiting volunteer coaches and making sure every child got a teammate request, everything has come together and we’re ready for a great season!

Many of our volunteer coaches are coaching their child’s team, which is touching to watch. It’s great to watch fathers and mothers spend ¬†quality time with their children while engaging in a healthy activity that they enjoy. We love being able to give children and parents experiences and memories to share for a lifetime.

We’re VERY appreciative of all of our volunteer coaches who dedicate their time to this league. They are helping the children in our league build confidence and a work ethic that they will carry into adulthood. Being a coach takes a lot of commitment and hard work and while they are not being paid for their time, they are being rewarded with the satisfaction that they are making a difference in children’s lives. This league couldn’t exist without them.
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