Proud to be a YMCA teacher.

“My day starts and ends with a smile. What puts it there is knowing I’m making a difference. Every morning I greet my preschoolers with a smile which only grows as I get that first morning hug. Working with such young children is rewarding in many ways. They are grateful and you can see their growth of knowledge over time. One particular case is my youngest student becoming more verbal and proud of his work. He’s so proud to show his parents what he’s created or accomplished at the end of each day. Each day he learns how to recognize the letters of the alphabet and what words start with that particular letter. I’m so proud to see him grow more and more each day I spend with him. My job is not to work with children, but to teach them. I’m proud to be a YMCA teacher.”

-Erin- Allyn Lopez, Tri-Town YMCA

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