Paying it Forward

I believe in Karma. Full circle; what goes around, comes around. Yes, Karma works and I have proof.

If you didn’t read the Hartford Courant a couple of weeks ago on Sunday, then you missed the story of the year. Our beloved Tiffany Archibald was in need of a kidney and here beautiful husband Beau donated his kidney to her.  Beautiful. Kinship. Amazing. Words alone cannot describe this story. It is emotional in so many ways and she is so lucky to have him. He would argue that HE is the lucky one to be able to spend his life with her. Now, he has saved her life.  He gave her his kidney; a strong, healthy, vibrant kidney. They were a match that even identical twins would be jealous of. It was meant to be.

So when their story was highlighted in the Hartford Courant(above the fold on the front page of sport section),many people came forward to express their thoughts and prayers. Some sent cards and some called to ask about her recovery.

Today I got a call that blew me away. A woman, a total stranger before today, called me. She read the story in the paper and wanted to give a gift to Beau and Tiffany and would I get the gift to them. She never knew them before the story was published. She was moved by the story of their hardships and was moved even more about how they had overcome those struggles. Yesterday was this woman’s birthday; each year she does something on her birthday that honors someone else. This year it was Tiffany and Beau. She said she wanted to “pay it forward”.

Karma at work. Each day we do our jobs to help others; it’s in our hearts and souls. Today, it was someone else who gave back to us. What goes around, comes around….

Written by Kristi Kearney- Downtown

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