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After someone suggested that her job is simply just “babysitting”, Amazing Kids Supervisor, Diane Santee was set out to define what Amazing Kids/Child Watch REALLY is!

“Babysitting does not describe the care in my dept. Amazing Kids are about fun! Any where from playing a new version of hide and go seek with Finding Nemo, and watching the excitement when the kids found him, to learning new dances like the YMCA, Cotton Eyed Joe, and Beany Bag dance to theme days surrounds current events such as the Olympics, opening day of baseball and celebrating Christmas in July.

Amazing kids are about story time.  They love books that they can interact with.  Some of their favorites are Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible no good Very Bad Day along with Green Eggs and Ham and What do Snowmen do at night. We introduced the Reading Tree for the 2011 summer, where children listen to stories and did a project pertaining to the story.  This program helped with the children’s summer reading.  Parents were very receptive to this new program.

Amazing kids are about forming friendships, children with children, staff with children and staff with parents. Amazing Kids is an information center that promotes all YMCA functions in a creative way. Amazing Kids are about the Y core values. We introduce the children to them and show them how to apply them in and out of our dept. and with other children and staff.

You know your deptartment is running with excitement when the youngest members of the YMCA ask their parents to go to the Y.  Many members say “I didn’t feel like coming today, but my child kept asking to go to Amazing Kids.”  So the parents pack up their work out bag and come to The Y.

That’s the impact that my staff have on these children. Is it just a babysitting department while you work out?  No.  Are we busy in the Amazing Kids dept.?  You bet we are!  And we love it! The Amazing Kids staff truly enjoy their job and it shows.  The success of the dept. is a team effort that shines through out the Y.  I am very proud to be a part of such a rewarding job.

Working with children certainly have its rewards and when a child walks into the lobby and sees me and runs to me to give me a hug and calls my name that is priceless.  I know why I have been here for 8 years.  You know it’s not just me. It’s my staff they get the same reaction from children.  I am proud of my staff and my department.”

Diane Santee, Amazing Kids Supervisor

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