One Girl’s Box of Junk…

Here I sit at my desk, gazing into this box of errant, fake-blood soaked limbs, styrofoam skulls, and lengths of rusty, spooky metal chains, and I think, ‘Ohhhh, I love my job!’  We’ve just finished our first planning meeting for our annual Halloween Spooktacular, and I’m beyond inspired.  A new, part-time staff member joined in to help, and her unique experiences with haunted houses coupled with her artistic talent will mean terrific things for our event.  In years past, this event has come across as tired; many of our staff members talk about ‘the same old thing’.  As we started discussing our ideas today, we felt an excitement that can’t be explained and a sense of glee for this year’s event!  This is free, open to the community, and in many cases, the only type of Halloween celebration in which some of the children who attend will participate. 

As I think about the enormous effort that goes into organizing this terrific event, I get tired…then I think of the frosting-covered faces of toddlers who have been to our cupcake-decorating station; I think of the screams of pure delighted terror out of giggling crowds of pre-teen girls; I think of the school-aged kids who wear and compare their home-made costumes with pride.  In order for all this to happen, our dynamic, incredible team puts forth sincere effort in order to coordinate, create, be cost-effective, and happily present this wonderful holiday event to our community.

You see a box of junk, and I see teamwork, dedication, inspiration, family cohesiveness, and community collaboration. 

Erica Donovan
Wheeler Regional Family YMCA

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