No excuses!

My ultimate goal is to lose weight and once that is accomplished to maintain the weight that best suits me. I have a treadmill at home as well as everything that I need to workout and lose weight. The one thing that I leave behind when I get in my car and drive to the YMCA is excuses. I need one hour a day for me. I love my husband and my son, but I need to focus on me and that is what the YMCA does for me, plus I am able to leave all of the excuses for not working out at home. I love going to the YMCA everyday – it makes me happy!

FV mom, wife, and member

3 thoughts on “No excuses!

  1. You can Do it Kristen! You give such care to so many– Kevin, your mom, your family, the Kids Kare families… it’s something, I too, need to remember– we can only continue to do those things if we take care of ourselves!

  2. What an inspirational story! It’s so important for parents to find a balance between work, children, spouses, activities, etc. How fortunate that this mother is able to find her “me” time within our Y!

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