Never a Dull Day At The Y!!!!!

We have a saying at Downtown…”Only at the Y!”….We are so fortunate to have the opportunity each day to meet a variety of people and if we choose to go the extra mile(which we always do!), make a difference in people’s lives. Every once in a while someone comes through the door, someone very unique, that teaches us something too.

Today was one of those days….unexpectedly at about 2:30pm an older gentleman walked in and said he wanted to sign up for Silver Sneakers…he was dressed to the nines…full of flirt and chat and for the 30 minutes he was with us, made us laugh our heads off.

I knew from filling out his form that he was 78 and while touring him he had told me that he was an athlete in his younger years.  When I asked him what he did before he retired(assuming he was retired…) he laughed and said,”retired?, I’m not retired!!” He told me that he still works and works out all the time, belongs to several gyms…but always loved the Y, which brought him into Downtown today. He had been a member at Jewel St in Downtown way back…..but never forgot the Y.

The energy and life that this man had, if bottled up, could be sold for millions. He shared with us his love of people (and women….he asked for my card not once, but twice..just in case he lost it the first time : In those 30 minutes that he came into our office, Mary and I both agree, he truly made our day.  The value of a well-lived, healthy life was so evident in this man..and Mary and I were blessed to have been able to meet him.


Sue- Downtown


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