“My House”

At the Y’s Phone-a-thon night, we sat around a table with a deck of cards with photos on them.  We were asked to pick two cards, one with a photo that describes me and the other to tell us why we were here tonight.  The second card was a easy choice, I picked a picture of a house.  The house symbolized the support I receive from the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign.  My girls participate in several programs at the Y, including the gymnastics team, swim lessons and hip hop dance classes.  Without the Y’s support I would not have “my house”.

 “My house” is the friends we have and the great experiences that the girls have every time we walk through the doors.  While the girls take their classes, I get a chance to come in and work out myself.  Things are still tough as they are for such a vast number of us.  I cannot thank everyone at the Y for all they have done and do.  The least I can do in order to give back is to help out.  That is WHY I make calls on Monday nights to help tell the YMCA’s story.

 Christine Briggs; Wife, Mother, & YMCA Member

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