Mission Moment at Downtown…..

A teacher called me the other day and told me that she had a student who was very smart and extremely sweet. He had been involved in some kind of violence with some boys and she was very distressed about it. She called the Y seeking help for her student. She wanted to find a safe place for her student to work out and play basketball and thought the Y would be a perfect place.

I suggested to her that Wilson Grey would be a great place for him because they have a teen center and a gymnasium where he could play basketball. She agreed to pay for a youth membership for him out of her own pocket.

The next day the boy came into the Y and she was right, he was very sweet and kind. He had several stitches in his head which I can only guess came from whatever violence he had experienced with these boys. He was delighted to get his membership. Later on that day I sent an email to his teacher telling her that he had come in to get the membership and I told her that he was very lucky to have such a caring teacher. She later emailed back and said “Thank you . . . and thank you for all you and your staff do to try and help these kids.”

Just another reason why we do what we do!! 🙂


Sue- Downtown

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