Members Helping Members

Today at the Downtown YMCA we had a new member  arrive  ready to take her very first steps on her health and wellness journey.   She had never been in a “gym” before in her life.   The trainer  on the floor was with a Livestrong Participant conducting the final test, and I was covering the welcome center.   How do you engage a member when all staff are committed to a task that they can not surrender?   The answer:  Engage another member.   I spotted Zaida on the wellness floor (Zaida is here everyday) introduced her as one of our most committed and dedidcated members to Shirley and asked her to assist Shirley with the Treadmill until Tim could help her out.   Then 10 minutes later, our new intern arrived, and I directed Julia to help out Shirley.   Julia brought her through a work-out.  The end result – Zaida was happy  and honored to help, Shirley received exceptional service and met at least 4 people and now has scheduled wellness appointment.  Julia had a great first hour of an internship.   And our Livestrong Particpant showed a marked improvement.   Go Team!

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