Made Me Smile :)

We have a winner for the Candy Corn Guessing Contest we held at the Pumpkin Carnival & Halloween Stroll on October 25th!

I had the honor of calling the lucky ten year-old girl who won and letting her know that out of the 80 guesses we received, she was the closest! There were 2,002 candy corn in the jar and she was only two off, guessing 2,000. How amazing is that?? As I talked to her mother on the phone, telling her when she could come and pick up her daughter’s prize, I could hear the young girl yelling in happiness in the background.

Apparently, the young girl had found an injured baby squirrel in her backyard that day and was very upset (how adorable). Finding out that she had won our contest cheered her up and it brightened my day to be able raise her spirits. Candy Corn Contest

One thought on “Made Me Smile :)

  1. There is NOTHING like calling a child to tell them they’ve won something….I’m so happy you were able to have this experience, and thanks for sharing, SuperSam!

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