Lizandra Benitez – CASE Award Winner


Lizandra Benitez is an eighth grade student at Catherine M. McGee Middle School where her favorite subject is science. As a resident of Hartford, she is highly involved with several programs at the Wilson – Gray YMCA. In addition to being on the girls’ basketball and track and field teams at the YMCA, she is involved in numerous academic and character building programs.  She is a member of Youth Achievers and a teen incentive program called Y T.I.P. She is also involved in Girls Creating a Future. In her free time she enjoys listening to music and writing.

Since her favorite school subject is science, she was encouraged to participate in the Connecticut Invention Convention. The CIC is an award winning educational organization designed to develop, encourage, and enhance critical thinking skills through invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. The program is open to K-8 student’s state-wide.

For her invention, Track-U-Dazzle, she partnered with Google Maps, Kay Jewelers and Pandora to make a groundbreaking jewelry line. The jewelry helps find missing people and objects using GPS technology.

Along with her jewelry line, she created a Track-U-Dazzle app. Her app will work to locate missing people and objects as long as there is a chip attached to the person or object. Essentially Track-U-Dazzle aids law enforcement in tracking missing or exploited individuals.

Lizandra’s hardwork paid off as she was the recipient of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE) award for her invention. We are so proud of her accomplishments!

Congratulations Lizandra!!

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