Kid’s Night Out: by Emma Conroy (age 11)

I love Kid’s Night Out at the FV Y because it has very fun activities. The 1st activity is dinner. They have very yummy food. We usually eat macaroni and cheese, applesauce, and apple juice. Then, we play the Wii®. We can choose these games: Anubis, Freddy Dish, Golf, Just Dance1, 2, &3, Mario Trivia, 101 in 1, & Zelda. Then, we go to rock wall climbing. We take 2 or 3 groups of 4 kids down to the rock wall. Then, we make crafts. The crafts go with what the theme is.

There are different themes each Friday night. They usually have to do with the holidays coming up. It can be a monthly theme. For example, January is National Soup Month, May is flower month, September is apple month, & October is pumpkin month. There is also a very special theme every 5 months, called Pajamas & Movie Night. Those are my favorite themes. On those rare Kid’s Nights Out, we wear our pajamas & watch kid’s movies, like The Smurfs.

The YMCA has the best staff! Christopher Robin gives kids rides, plays games, & plays Wii®. Michelle is really nice, Riley is a good listener, Kim asks me lots of questions, & Kristen does a great job running it.

( Emma Conroy is a member at the FV Y who loves coming to our Kid’s Night Out program. Her personal goal is to attend every Kid’s Night Out program we have!! She is up to 23 consecutive nights already!! She has also expressed that she knows she will work here when she is older.)

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