Kids Can Tri Too!


Last night we kicked off our very first Kids Tri Club! We had over 20 kids sign up from ages 5-13. I wanted to share part of an e-mail from Stacia, our tri club coordinator, and Diane, one of our BEST staff tri club volunteers.


 “Last night was unbelievable.  I had 20 kids race and that is with 4 families that could not attend.  I think the club has about 28 – 30 kids signed up.  They were all so excited and not only did Mom and Dad show up but Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends!  There were more adults than kids!  I was so excited that I could not sleep last night 🙂

 Thank you for letting me run this club and I think this is something that we could offer for the FALL’s first session with the temps still being comfortable.  What do you think?

 I’m on cloud 9!



“What a rush last night seeing these young children involved.  What amazes me that it was not just Tri-club members that participated!  Some children who were a little apprehensive about participating parents of other children encouraged them. Some parents stayed after their children finished racing and encouraged other children to finish.  We stood at the finish line clapping and making all kinds of noise encouraging the children to finish we wanted the last runners to know they were not alone and how ever they finished is just as important as the other racers.  Can’t wait for the next one!  Hey Stacia even had a tri club member cheering the children on and he didn’t even have children of his own in the race.  Great relationship building Stacia!  – Diane”



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