Just keep swimming…Just keep swimming…

Some testimonies from Farmington Valley Swim Team Parents

“I am thrilled to tell everyone about the perch program at the YMCA.   It has become my favorite part of the week with my son as we both just love the class.   Before signing up for Perch my son would cling to me in the water & never want to be let go.   It’s amazing how much my son’s confidence has grown in the pool since enrolling.   It gives me such joy to see him smiling once he hits the water & I know he’s getting great exercise & having so much fun at the same time.    Not to mention on the days he has swim class it’s almost a guaranteed 3 hour nap!  :)”

“We’ve been using private lessons for our family for years. Whether helping our 5-year old gain independence in the water, or having our 10-year old competitive swimmer improve her technique, the coaches and instructors at the Y have been amazing. We will absolutely continue to use lessons for all 5 of our children.

“For this swim class and the prior one, the instructors were very helpful and understanding.  Two years ago my daughter was in a swimming lesson where the instructor let her continuously sink under the water and did not offer any assistance.  As a result of this my daughter was afraid to swim without a life jacket or told us she would always wear a life jacket.  She grew up around a pool so this was very upsetting to us.  With Kaitlin and then with Parker, my daughter has gained back her confidence and loves to swim again.  Each of her instructors was fabulous and understanding and more than willing to help her.”

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