Just a Van Driver

I was recently needed to drive the van to bring kids to school for the morning run. I was really not looking forward to it at all. I have so much on my plate and this is not what I needed. The very first day I met a young boy named Michael and he talked to me the entire ride to school. He was the sweetest young boy and I wished him well on his day at school. The next day another staff member drove the van and said Michael was asking where I was and why I wasn’t driving the van. As the weeks have gone on, I find myself wanting to drive the van just so I can talk to my new friend Michael. He likes music, he likes cars and he likes asking me about how my life is going. I no longer feel like I am just a van driver, I feel like I am important to Michael and I am having an impact on his life. More importantly is he is having an impact on mine.

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