Junior SKC helpers

I’m glad Ernie and Nick showed up with TJ and me last night to help out, Dave. TJ and Nick learned some cool, new stuff about business/ non profits/ themselves while giving a hand to those that need it in our community. It was great fun watching and listening to TJ get his (2 or 3) donations/ fill out thank you cards, discuss directly with 10- 15 other adults our 2012 Strong Kids Campaign and another 12- 15 “Left message” on their phone machines. TJ just started his Personal Management Merit Badge in Boy Scouts last week. It’s about keeping track of his money, weekly, for 3 months and here we were working with monies and talking with people about it and where it goes at the Y for 2 hours. Nice tie in. And Nick is our player who’s been out of commission with foot surgery for these last 2 weeks and the next 2-3 coming up but has attended all our practices and each game cheering his teammates on! I was quite proud of both of them last night!!! Our community is in great shape in the future with young men like these.

Coach Tom

Orange Cobras #2 – 7th & 8th Graders

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