It’s All About The People

It’s always when I have no idea what I am going to blog about that something presents itself…

This morning I was in the locker room, as I am most days, getting ready after my workout. I could hear some of the women complaining how hot it was and how they wished that we would turn up the air conditioning. I said to them, ” They can’t turn up the air conditioning because they hired me and I demand A LOT of money.”  They all laughed at first and then they said, ” You know, if that’s true, you’re worth it, all of you are worth it.”

It then led to a discussion about how the people here, the staff and the members make Downtown such a special place. One member even said that she switched jobs and now has to travel to the Downtown Y and her friends have asked her why she doesn’t switch gyms. She said,” Are you kidding me?….I would never switch my gym, I love it here.” They all agreed that the Downtown Y is a very special place and that we are all apart of that and that is why they keep coming back each day. I think it’s about the sparkle…….

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