I am writing to tell a story of a young man named Max.  He is part our Farmington Valley Tsunami swim team.  About a month ago I looked at some times for the Florida meet that we always go to as well as some other qualifying times.  I noticed he was close to achieving these times and went to his parents to let them know.

Max worked hard this season but was struggling to make the times.  Two weeks ago I was speaking to Max’s dad, Matt, as he waited for Max to get dressed.  I knew Max needed something.  As Max exited the boys locker room and they were getting ready to leave, I told Max to swim the upcoming race for him, this was his race and he could do it.

Max remembered what I told him and he and his family told me that he made his times at the swim meet.  When I read this tears came to my eyes, tears of joy knowing that Max had done it.  There are many things that inspire me and what Max did that weekend is on my list.  We all have the ability to rise to the occasion we just sometimes forget how to.  I am proud of Max, what he and all his teammates accomplished this season.

photo provided by The Traveling Studio

photo provided by The Traveling Studio

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