Hero’s from all corners

Camp Jewell YMCA was honored to host The Women’s Wilderness Institute- Women Veterans Retreat this past week. WWI is a non-profit women’s organization based in Boulder, Colorado.  Over 30 women, veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan spent 6-days at Camp Jewell with the WWI & CJ staff.  The women came from all corners of the USA including, Maine, Hawaii and Alaska.  They participated in an intensive immersion experience of supportive and challenging activities in our peaceful natural environment.  The retreat allowed these women to connect with other women veterans and learn tools for dealing with post-traumatic stress and other issues that commonly affect women veterans.  The retreat provided a format for sharing experiences, and education about stress, resilience and life skills.

The Camp Jewell staff was thrilled to be able to work with an organization that is as empowering as Women’s Wilderness Institute.  Their mission is to build courage, confidence and leadership skills for girls and women through the challenge and support of wilderness- and community-based adventures.   It seems as though that was absolutely accomplished.  Our hats off to this great organization and all of its incredible participants!

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