Healthy Kids Day!

Despite the rain, we had a great time at Healthy Kids Day this year. We were planning on holding the event outside, but we made due with the gym and were still able to provide kids and families with a fun and educational day. Camp Jewell brought some adorable chicks, a bunny and two goats, which definitely stole the show. The Bloomfield Police, Moms & More and The Humane Society also came to the event with activities and information for families.

We also had a seed planting station where children could pick from a variety of different healthy vegetable seeds to plant in a cup and take home. Hopefully some families will be able to spend a little less at the grocery store now that they have some freshly grown tomatoes, melons and cabbage at home!

Many different organizations donated “healthy-themed” items for the goodie bags we handed out and we are very appreciative. Everyone we reached out to regarding donations was very¬†willing to give anything they could for the event, which reaffirmed how grateful and appreciative people are of the YMCA and what we do.

-West Hartford/Tri-Town YMCA




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