Health is Contagious!

Hi, everyone. I wanted to share a story from another of our Livestrong participants. Here is where the magic and healing happens….Thank you! Jackie


Health is contagious

Angela Hyde (two-time cancer survivor, breast and thyroid) is one of our daytime Livestrong participants. Initially, when I did the intake process she was extremely hesitant to join the program. Angela was not very active, and to use her own words, “I have a terrible time even getting off the couch” but thought she would try the program and felt that if she had a group that she was committed to, that would help her stay motivated.

Long story short, she is one of our most committed and dedicated participants. She has never missed a class, even comes in 15 minutes early to get moving before the class begins. She is in there sweating and working it out each and every class. Plus, Angela and a few of our other participants get together on the days that we don’t have a class, to workout and support each other.

 This is where the magic happens…this past Wednesday, Angela came in early as usual, but brought her husband, in his cute dad jeans, to work out with her. She feels so comfortable with us, that she is beginning to make health and wellness a part of her entire families’ lives.






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