Fun in the Summer Dance Expo

It was a packed house at the Wilson Gray YMCA, as the Fun in the Summer Dance Expo took place. Months of hard work and preparation were on display in front of countless families and friends. The show was every bit as exciting and innovative as advertised. From the imaginative dancer’s customs to the inspiring performances, the show was a true display of the artistic, creative and radiant personalities of everyone involved within the project.

The crowd was entertained by a variety of performances. Acts included upbeat hip hop performances, buoyant break dance routines, an adorable ballet performance by the five to seven year olds and an fun and imaginative dance piece by the dance instructors. In addition, music was provided by the Steel Pan Band.

The Fun in the Summer Dance Expo was an excellent display of the staff’s and performers hard work over the last few months. It was an outstanding night of performances from all age groups. To see family and friends come together and support the youth of the community was an encouraging sight. 

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