Fond Memories

I came in to work one morning to find an extremely old picture on my desk. Our West Hartford Program Director found a box in his office filled with hundreds of old YMCA team photos and among them was a photo from back when I was 12 years old and played in the West Hartford YMCA Basketball League, with my dad as a volunteer coach. My dad is┬áthe coach on the left and I’m the child in the front who can’t seem to keep her eyes open.


My family had recently moved to West Hartford around this time from Syracuse, New York for my dad’s job. I was extremely upset about the move and was very angry at my dad since it was “his fault” that I had to leave my friends and my comfort zone. However, bonding and having fun with him on the basketball court helped my anger to subside and I have the Y to thank for that. I even made some of my first West Hartford friends through the league!

Playing basketball at the Y with my dad as the coach was a great experience and I strongly encourage parents to┬áconsider volunteer coaching for their children’s teams because it really is a great way to bond and create lasting memories with them.

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