Family Fun Night

We had such a great time at Family Fun Night this past Friday at the Pitkin Community Center in Wethersfield. We put together fun activities, a prize that the children could “enter to win” and information on our upcoming programs and summer camp! The night was organized by the Wethersfield Early Childhood Collaborative (WECC) as a way for parents┬áto enjoy a fun night with their children while getting information on different resources for families in the area.

It’s always great when I get to step outside of the office and see firsthand the families that we serve. Interacting with people over the phone is so different than getting to do so in person. I usually don’t get to see our Program Directors in action, so watching Jeff engage with his families and witnessing how much they value him was awesome. I can tell that not only do the children love and trust him, but the parents do as well.

-West Hartford/Tri-Town YMCA

Family Fun Fair 1 Family Fun Fair 2

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