Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I am always telling people how ” I don’t ever sweat the small stuff” ….. I think maybe this brings it to another level…

Mary and I were on our way to our course in Cromwell to learn more about Social Media so that we can engage better with our members. I was pulling out of the Church St parking garage and I had  to wait to pull out because there was a car parked blocking my view…..

Unbeknown to me..the automatic barrier came down in between my bike rack and my car and as I drove away I took the entire barrier off! All of a sudden I heard a terrible crunch…not sweating the small stuff, but knowing that I at least had to get out of the car and check it out…I got out of the car. The man who is working at the garage is standing holding the sheared off  barrier in his hands 🙂  I look at him and not knowing what else to do…smile and get back into the car and drive off! I am hoping I will be welcome to park in the garage tomorrow…….

Lessons learned from this unfortunate experience…..

1. Always expect the unexpected. Sometimes things just happen that we have no control over! Who would have thought that the barrier would come down in between my bike rack???

2.When faced with an unfortunate situation…smile!!!! 🙂 Most of the time you will make the other person smile as well and diffuse the situation.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff, there is plenty of big stuff in life much more appropriate to worry about.

p.s Anyone who knows me, knows that things like this happen to me quite often…it is part of my “charm” 🙂

Sue – Downtownbarrier


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