Community comes together to support cancer survivors

I spent Saturday, March 22nd in tears at the Y.   I think that I cried at least 6 times that day in front of members, staff & visitors at the Farmington Valley Y.  I don’t often let my emotions overcome me when I’m at work but this day gets to me…every year.  Why?  Because once a year, hundreds of people come to the Y to support cancer survivors.  The rush of people, music, support and love poured out in their honor quite literally brings me to tears.

I have a close friend that went through intensive treatment for cancer.  I watched how it impacted her family.  I stood by her as she went to the barber shop to have all her hair shaved off.  I was there for her after surgeries and treatments.  So I can’t help but get caught up in the moment when people come together to support the women & men that have had to endure these life changing experiences.

I’m so thankful for the communities we serve!  Because of them, we help survivors find their new-selves.  We help them better manage pain.  Get strength & flexibility back in more than just the physical way.  We help them gain support through a new network of friends that know just what they are going through.

On March 22nd, more than 120 people came to the Y, donated funds, donated time and rode in our Annual Bike for the Battle event that raised $23,230!  It will ensure that any cancer survivor at any stage can come to the Y for the LiveSTRONG at the Y program for free.  Thanks goes out to our committee members that worked SO hard on the events – Jackie, Suzi, Gary, Cheryl, Linda, Amy, Janice, Lindsay, Jen, Misty, Adam & Meg.  We love you!

Bike for the Battle 257Bike for the Battle 371

LiveSTRONG at the Y graduates sharing their stories

LiveSTRONG at the Y graduates sharing their stories

Bike for the Battle 106

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