Christian Gervin Sweetens the Day

lemonade“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is the proverbial phrase used to inspire someone to make something good out of a bad situation. I know from experience that it takes a can-do attitude and some ingenuity. Today Christian Gervin, a Y member, used his can-do attitude and skill to take the bitter out of a challenging situation!

Today 18 or so children arrived to the Y with their water bottles and lots of energy ready to take the Friday Tween Fit class and found that they were missing their instructor. Due to a miscommunication with a planned substitute and lack of instructors in the building, a solution needed to be found…

Immediately, Christian, who is dad to one of the kids, offered to the Y staff, “I can help run the class!” “I can do some Plyometrics with the kids!” he added. Without missing a beat, Christian loaded up some music and happily led this exuberant group of kids through a fun workout. With some shuffling of staff, another wellness staff person was able to help Christian with this “sweet” solution.

The Y is family made up of staff, volunteers, members and community partners. Christian’s action defines family helping family.

Christian, thank you for making lemonade for everyone to enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Christian Gervin Sweetens the Day

  1. Just saw this today. It didn’t really surprise me at all when Christian Gervin came home and said that he taught class because the instructor was absent. He’s always one to step up and help out. I think he had as much fun as the kids, and my boys loved taking class with Dad.

  2. Not only can that man Coach Softball for 8 consecutive hours at Brookside and Dance with his wife like they should be on TV … he is an excellent role model for his children and the community. Thanks Christian for stepping up!! You Rock!

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