Christian Gervin Sweetens the Day


lemonade“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is the proverbial phrase used to inspire someone to make something good out of a bad situation. I know from experience that it takes a can-do attitude and some ingenuity. Today Christian Gervin, a Y member, used his can-do attitude and skill to take the bitter out of a challenging situation!

Today 18 or so children arrived to the Y with their water bottles and lots of energy ready to take the Friday Tween Fit class and found that they were missing their instructor. Due to a miscommunication with a planned substitute and lack of instructors in the building, a solution needed to be found…

Immediately, Christian, who is dad to one of the kids, offered to the Y staff, “I can help run the class!” “I can do some Plyometrics with the kids!” he added. Without missing a beat, Christian loaded up some music and happily led this exuberant group of kids through a fun workout. With some shuffling of staff, another wellness staff person was able to help Christian with this “sweet” solution.

The Y is family made up of staff, volunteers, members and community partners. Christian’s action defines family helping family.

Christian, thank you for making lemonade for everyone to enjoy!

Wearing your “Y” on your Sleeve!

Today while at a local restaurant, Lauren, a welcome center representative, held the door for a woman in a wheelchair. The woman saw Lauren’s Y shirt and struck up a conversation with her.

The woman asked, “Do you really have a wheelchair ramp in your pool?” Lauren answered, “Yes!” and proceeded to tell her more about the Y. Lauren shared details about membership and the facility. Lauren invited her to try out the Y.

Lauren has been “Living the Cause” with Indian Valley for more than six years- in Child Care, the Adult Literacy program, Amazing Kids/Child Watch and now the Welcome center. Lauren is someone who “wears her heart on her sleeve” in a great way. YMCA members can see and feel her love all of the time and today by wearing her heart on her sleeve and her Y shirt, she was able to share the story of the Y with a new friend.

Twisters bring home team trophy!!

Great job Twisters!! Good luck in June! Thanks for the update Dave!

FV YMCA Twisters bring home team trophy

 Granby – The Level 5 Farmington Valley YMCA Twisters gymnastics team brings home team trophy after competing at Regional’s in Glenn Falls, New York, May 4 – 7.

In the Level 5 age division of 11 – 11 ½ bringing home individual awards was Cailin Hesketh whose all around score of 36.350 earned 2nd  place and Amy Briggs all around score of 36.250 earned 3rd .   In the next age division, Cara Ferro brought home 2nd with an all around score of 36.700.  Within the same level, Abby Larson and Julia Moody also brought home individual awards for their performance.

 Coming in 1st place in the Level 4 girls 10 – 11 age division was Evelyn Neagoy.   Dasha Sapronova and Kate Beaudry also placed within their age division.

Level 3 girls Eva Pokaski and Erin Moody placed 5th and 7th respectively in the 10 – 18 year old division.

Some of these girls will go on to compete at the National Level which will be held
June 29 – July 3 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.