“CARS” and the Y??

As I hurried home thinking I really wanted to be sure to blog this week I also thought of making dinner, pushing the kids on the swings, and the nightly bedtime routine. 

Impact and storytelling seems to come naturally to me in day to day situatuions yet I seem to have stage fright as I keep trying to write my first blog. 

I was chopping  vegis while I listened to the kids watching “Cars,” the Disney/Pixar film.  Theodore (my 2 yr old son)  is absolutley obsessed with Cars right now and I may have seen it over 20 times but this evening a line in the film struck me.  I stopped preparring dinner and jotted down a quote that just made me think of my Y family.

” Lighting, there is a whole lot more to racing than winning!” 

This line is so meaningful in my life but especially in the my “Y Life.”  We are impactful.  We have a mission. We CARE.  What we do is not about anything other than our members, staff, and volunteers.  We have to be sure that we are connecting, building relationships, and believing in what we do.   If we can accomplish this, we WIN. 

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