Betances Cleaning the Community!!

Below is a picture of our after school program at Betances Elementary school. The kids were sitting and discussing ways they can help out their community. Our little YMCA friends sat for a half hour talking and debating about how important it is to help their community and provide different activities to help kids have fun!

Our little one in the front middle then said, “that’s what the YMCA does!”

You could imagine how happy and proud the staff was to hear his statement and astonished that this group of kids held a discussion all on there own without staff prompting or redirection!

The end result was to start helping the community at that moment. They asked the janitors for garbage bags and grabbed gloves and went outside and helped clean the playground area!

Living our cause can affect everyone especially these kids. They know that the YMCA always acts, communicates, and thinks differently! Our community needs come first! And now our future kids will know how to act communicate and think about our community first!



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