Back to the Wheeler YMCA

I just received this from one of our members. He couldn’t get over the difference between here and LA Fitness. This is why we are not “a gym”

My wife and I han experience with trying another health fitness center and found that there was more negative talk than positive talk. There was a bunch of negatives, such as prices of the different programs they had. There was a fee for everything in that place. If you wanted a trainer you would have to pay an extra fee. If you wanted to use a certain machine, it would cost you an extra fee. It was FEE FEE FEE! They had a very small swimming pool, no life guards, and very negative staffing. One thing they were good at is high pressure selling of the different programs and products. The only good thing they had,was clean locker rooms.

We came back to the Y after a short departure. We left because we wanted to see if there were different choices out there, but we didn’t find this which is why we came back. We got a warm greeting from the staff, like we had never left in the first place. We also got a GREAT financial package. The Y believes in you and motivates you without the burden of money and allows you to just be yourself! The Y brings out the best of you and they bring the family attitude because they care! We are trying to find time in our busy schedule to workout in such a positive atmosphere. They encourage individual and family values. They welcome you with loving smiles and open arms. Our experience has always been fulfilling and worthwhile since we came back. Ever since we came back and on better routine we have lost some weight and we are happy that we may meet our goals we set for ourselves.

April Chevalier, Wellness Director, Wheeler Regional Family YMCA

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