nurse visit

Parent Karen Yencho, APRN came to talk to our 4 year olds about being a nurse. She answered many questions like why nurses give shots, and why do they hurt. She gave us a first hand lesson on what to do if you get a bloody nose as one if our students got one during her visit.

Many reminders were also shared wearing helmets when riding bikes or scooters, healthy eating and exercise. Mrs. Toomey’s class then led everyone in their daily morning exercise routine.


Thank you Mrs. Yencho for visiting Mrs. V’s and Mrs. Toomey’s class!!!

Spring Cleaning!


Today the students from the UConn program Jumpstart held a service day at the YMCA Rockville Child Care Center!  The did a great job JS painting

painting, cleaning and working outside.  They helped rake and clean up trash that was hiding under the snow too!  The place looks great, so glad they come once a year to help get our childcare centers looking good for spring!!




Every year, thousands of Hindus participate in the festival Holi. The festival has many purposes. First and foremost, it celebrates the beginning of the new season, spring. Originally, it was a festival that commemorated good harvests and the fertile land. Hindus believe it is a time of enjoying spring’s abundant colors and saying farewell to winter.  During this event, participants hold a bonfire, throw colored powder at each other, and celebrate wildly.

Today our Tender Care preschoolers painted their faces and throw color at each other (pieces of colored tissue paper), they had a blast celebrating Holi in Ms. Jordan and Ms. Timca’s class!

Happy Hoppers!

Last Friday the Indian Valley Family YMCA preschool classes hopped for the Muscular Dystrophy Association raising $376.75!!

This was such a fun activity for the kids. Some classrooms stayed in their rooms and hopped at group time and others went outside to hop. One class used a parachute and hopped as the kids held onto the edges!

One teacher’s comment:

“We hopped while counting to 20 in order to make the most of the activity. We did this nine times! We learned that two minutes is a LONG time to hop”!! -Mrs. McGrath, 3’s nursery school class

Way to go happy hoppers, you hoped for a great cause!




You can do it!

snap blocks

Love walking into the infant/toddler room! I always see and hear great things going on in this classroom. At this age the children are learning so much so fast. Today Mrs. Dessi is down on the floor with three children working on linking their snap blocks together. The child is working so hard at it she did not even see me come in or leave! One boy was trying so hard but, just couldn’t get the block to snap and needed the help of the teacher and then the last boy was more interested in the sound they made as he hit them together. The fine motor skills and hand eye coordination they had to use for this activity is so important to master so they can be able to one day write with a pencil!

What Is Success


Some of our nursery school students finished a food and nutrition unit by helping to make fruit salad! This little boy is celebrating his success by finally learning to cut his strawberry by himself.

Just by cutting this strawberry he has enhanced his language skills, math skills, cognitive skills, social skills, and self-help skills all by just cutting this strawberry!

He has been successful at school today and has learned many skills that will help him get ready for kindergarten!



All about me board!

room 6

At our Rockville childcare locations our toddler classroom is learning all about where they come from and sharing what they like too.  Each month a different child gets to decorate the bulletin board outside their classroom with information about them and their family.  This is such a great way to talk about each child’s culture; it’s also lots of fun for the families to work on together at home.

Dental Health Month


Kim Vera, Preschool Head Teacher of the Indian Valley Family YMCA presents Dr. Kevin Norige, DMD of South Windsor a special photo collage in honor of him teaching over FIVE HUNDRED YMCA  PRESCHOOLERS dental health during his visits for over TEN YEARS to our facility!!!!

One more email…

Many days I feel like all I ever get are emails…send me this, do this, and do that!!!! Most are your standard “work” emails. Then out of the blue you get an email that just makes your day and you can’t wait to share it with everyone!

I received a wonderful thank you email from a mother whose 4-year-old son attends our Rockville Childcare Center. Her son is Autistic and has been with us now since September. The staff who work with him every day truly do everything they can to ensure he is successful at the Y. Below is the wonderful email she sent that truly touched us all!

Hi Christina-

I just wanted to let you know how much I whole heartedly appreciate all that the staff at the YMCA do to ensure Max receives such extraordinary care.  Ms. Jenn even came back to the center after her scheduled time just to help with one of his behaviors within the past week.  She has a natural understanding of Max and always goes above and beyond for both myself and Max.  I appreciate that I never feel rushed when speaking with the teachers at the YMCA.  I can feel the dedication and genuine concern of the Role Models that work with Max every day.  I truly believe Max’s success is a direct reflection of the guidance he is receiving at the YMCA in Rockville.


With much appreciation and respect,